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Crutches, strength, broken bones

I fell down the stairs last week and broke my lower leg in two places, so I'm in a splint (post-surgery and will probably get a cast at some point). I'm glad I do so many split squats--that is what's giving my good leg the strength to deal with life on crutches, though it is extremely fatiguing. The other leg gets a workout in the quad and especially the hip flexor, but not the glute. And I'm going to be like this for up to 12 weeks.

I am impatient to get to the gym and do upper body, but right now just getting in and out of my second-floor apartment with crutches is all the workout I can is HARD, and my lats and traps are exhausted. My body is tired from the surgery. So no formal gym workouts yet.

How can I keep the glute on the injured side strong, and how can I stretch that aching, tired hip flexor given that I mustn't put weight on the foot? I can lower it for a few minutes, not too long because it swells and hurts.

Anyone with tips for recovering from or living with an injury like this, I'd welcome those too. Thanks!
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Can you safely put weight on the knee of the injured leg? I've got an idea or two, but don't want to waste your time suggesting things which are impossible.

Also, did you get elbow crutches or armpit crutches? I know the latter get used a lot more in the US (where I'm guessing you are), but, assuming decentish levels of upper body strength, elbow crutches are easier on your body in some respects and allow for better mobility.

I got a Lisfranc injury (weird sprain-fracture of the midfoot) two years ago, and was on crutches for some time -- there are some posts from back then which you might find useful:

Crowdsource my foot! -- in which I asked for advice on using crutches, bone healing, exercise and other tips for surviving non-weight-bearing life, and got lots of good suggestions

What I'm up to -- in case a bit of inspiration helps: this was the no-weight-bearing-on-the-left foot strength-training regime I came up with
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Really glad the links were helpful; I got so much good advice from people.

Okay, so hip flexor stretches -- if you can put the knee on the floor, you can do the standard kneeling stretch:

Or this one could be ideal:

Glutes and hamstrings of the injured leg -- hard to do anything heavy because you can't put weight through the foot, but you could do all the "quadruped" exerciss on hands and knees: donkey kicks, etc.. The weight of the cast will help add resistance. *g*

OTOH, if you're exhausted, you probably want to minimize the extra stress you're putting on your body.

Could be worth putting focus into stretching and massage stuff for everything that's getting overworked by life on crutches.
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I have no suggestions, but I am so sorry! I broke my elbow last year and am still trying to rebuild muscle.