Jan. 8th, 2015

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I fell down the stairs last week and broke my lower leg in two places, so I'm in a splint (post-surgery and will probably get a cast at some point). I'm glad I do so many split squats--that is what's giving my good leg the strength to deal with life on crutches, though it is extremely fatiguing. The other leg gets a workout in the quad and especially the hip flexor, but not the glute. And I'm going to be like this for up to 12 weeks.

I am impatient to get to the gym and do upper body, but right now just getting in and out of my second-floor apartment with crutches is all the workout I can manage...it is HARD, and my lats and traps are exhausted. My body is tired from the surgery. So no formal gym workouts yet.

How can I keep the glute on the injured side strong, and how can I stretch that aching, tired hip flexor given that I mustn't put weight on the foot? I can lower it for a few minutes, not too long because it swells and hurts.

Anyone with tips for recovering from or living with an injury like this, I'd welcome those too. Thanks!


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