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So I went to the development community center gym and took pictures of the machines there. Can someone identify them for me and tell me what might be done with them and whether any of them might be useful to a rank beginner?

images )

And as long as I'm posting: only one set each :( and 5 lb weights for everything except the lateral raises (I swiped Mom's 2 lb weights to bring with me, and they were absurdly easy, next time I'm taking the 4 lbs), and ten reps bicep curls, nine each side triceps kickbacks, seven forward raises, twelve lateral raises, twelve each side bent rows, nine squats, five each side lunges. Which is to say, this workout off (Then ten minutes treadmill, 3.0 mph at a 2.5 incline, whatever 2.5 means, and cool down same way I warmed up, with the three-block walk between gym and home.) I'm not sure what in there works my back, though. I'll worry about that in a couple days.
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Resistance bands? Apparently not doing it for me. However, my development has a gym attached to the community center, and it has free weights. Yesterday I did a ten-rep set each, with five-pound weights, of bicep curls and overhead presses and half a ten-rep set of lateral raises; given how long it's been since I did any strength training at all, I'm calling that impressive.

The goal I am setting is to be able to do at least that much with thirty-pound weights. Appropriate intermediate goals seem to be each intermediate size of weight, five-pound intervals. However, I do not know how long I should stay with any given size of weight before moving up to the next, how many ten-rep sets I should be aiming for with each weight, and also something about more reps with smaller weights for stamina and fewer reps with bigger weights for strength?

Help me set attainable goals, is my question here.


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