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Supposing I start lifting weights again. Given my carpal tunnel diagnosis, do I have to worry that lifting weights will cause further wrist injury?
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It really depends on how bad your carpal tunnel syndrome is--I'd recommend talking to your doctor to see how severe your case is. It can permanently cause damage to the median nerve.

If the doctor gives a go-ahead, wear good wrist supports/strapping and ensure you have ice/ice packs ready to ice your wrists afterwards for 20 minutes . Also, be moderate with your weight lifting.

I found my carpal tunnel went away with stretching, ice, NSAIDs and also giving up the job (kitchen hand) that was causing it, but you might not be so lucky. My case wasn't that severe.
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My occupational therapist was able to give me some pointers and minor modifications to lifts that impact the wrists - overhead press and bench, mostly. Part of my problem was putting too much stress on the wrist, and not keeping it neutral when doing the lift. Since I became more aware of the problem, and I make sure to check my form, it hasn't been a problem for me.

I was even twisting my wrist laterally, which was a problem. I had to modify and hold the bar with my hands either closer together or further apart in some cases.
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