rydra_wong: Tight shot of the shins and arms of a young woman (weightlifter Zoe Smith) as she prepares for a deadlift. (strength -- zoe deadlift)
rydra_wong ([personal profile] rydra_wong) wrote in [community profile] lifting_heavy_things2016-07-01 10:56 am

I am going to miss The Toast so much

“You just get stronger”: How Powerlifting Saved My Life by Alyssa Keiko (brief mentions of weight loss, suicidal ideation)

I wasn’t happy. So late in the year, in November, I started lifting again, in part because it kept me out of our house. I’d lost the gains I made before, and I was frustrated by having to start over again. But I was trying to love my body again, love its strength, even though my partner had rejected it time and time again. Lifting made me strong. Lifting made me care less.

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