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So I think I am joining the Y—I am currently on a week-long guest pass, have worked out Sunday and today, and I am quite tired but I feel good (or, y'know, would if the brainweasels would fuck off, but that's a different story)—and today I learned how to use the circuit machines. Ten reps each machine to start, low weight—

Guess who totally spaced on noting down what weight the Y staff member set each machine to. Guess who therefore has no clue what to put the machines on on the visit after next. (Next visit is gonna be straight cardio, I think.) Halp?

What sort of foods—bearing in mind that for time/spoons reasons I'm basically living off the microwavable frozen foods aisle at the moment and probably for the foreseeable future—would be best least objectionable (the frozen foods aisle being what it is) for before and after workouts, and how should I time the meals with respect to the workout? Because somehow I doubt grabbing a packet of cookies from the vending machine and stuffing them in my face immediately after coming out of the fitness center is the best way to handle things. (I did really need the sugar boost, which may mean I did something wrong.)

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