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lizcommotion ([personal profile] lizcommotion) wrote in [community profile] lifting_heavy_things2015-04-21 08:38 am

Online resource to find drawings/photos of exercises?


I fired my PT for reasonz, but I know the kinds of exercises I need to do because of prior PT. I'm starting with basic IT-band/hamstring/calf stretches, like that one where you kind of lean against the wall and stretch your back leg out or the one where you lay on the floor and pull your knee up to your chest.

I do *way better* at exercising if I have a list of things I can just sort of go down with ticky boxes (ignoring ones I'm not up for that day, adding if I want to). Basically, something to riff off of.

Also, I'm a visual person so seeing words like "that hamstring exercise thingy" or a stick figure drawing *can* work but I am less likely to do exercises if that is what I am basing things off of.

so here's my question: does anyone know of an online resource for drawings or photos of people doing basic stretches/strength-building exercises?
Books available from the library might be okay as well, I'd just have to do more fiddling.


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