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Front Squat Trouble: Mobility, biomechanics, or doing it wrong?

Hi you all,

I'm back to doing front squats and I'm at a loss at what to do with my arms and how to even begin fixing it.

I hope the following makes any kind of sense:

I can do any two of the below at the same time, but not all three, which would, as I understand it (I studied the online descriptions but did not find a closeup of hand/shoulder area), be needed for correct bar position in a front squat:
#1 Keep my upper arms parallel to the floor
#2 Bend my elbows and wrists to that the back sides of my fingers are on my shoulders
#3 Put a bar on my shoulders in front of my neck so that it rests stable and support it slightly with my fingers.

What happens:
#1 fail: If I do #2 and #3, my elbows are pointing to the floor at 45°
#2 fail: If I do #1 and #3, I have to bend my wrists more than 90° backwards, which I can do only with outside force and a lot of pain.
#3 fail: If I do #1 and #2, the base of my fingers is in line with my spine. Can't put a bar through my neck...

Now, my right shoulder isn't what it used to be, and my wrists won't bend backwards more than 90° without a lot of pain, so that might be part of it. It might be possible to train that. (It seems that the guy on the image in "New Rules of lifting for Abs" is bending his wrists like ouch.)

When I compare posture with a friend, in (it seems) identical pose the base of his fingers is in front of his neck. I know that if one assumes oneself to be a freak of nature, one is usually wrong, but, what?

Also, it says to put the bar on the shoulders so that it will stay in place even without hands. Um. I can either round my upper back a *lot* and put the bar on the shoulders, or put it on my clavicle, which does not seem to be made to support that kind of weight, or, well, support it with my larynx, which seems an even worse idea :-S.

Any hints how to go about that? I can do front squats with 25kg (55 lbs) quite well, but only with elbows very out of line, and some pain in my wrists.

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